How to Massively Multiply the Results of Your Advertising Using Magnetic Marketing

It consistently and without fail works. Everything you are selling or marketing may use it. It operates under the tenets of giving before receiving and offering more in value than you are receiving in monetary compensation. For your prospect to desire to communicate with you, they must experience an improvement. This is achieved through the tactic of magnetic marketing. The prospect is then converted into a customer or business partner using the same process.

Magnetic marketing: What is it? In order to draw leads to you, you must first provide them with something of value. Don’t attempt to bring your prospect to your website all at once by trying to complete the transaction using ezine classified advertising and solo ads as examples. Instead, provide the targeted prospect an irresistible offer to start.

Here is an example of NON magnetic marketing using my own company’s ad copy that I ran before developing the magnetic marketing strategy for this company:

Discover Revolutionary Health and Wealth and Catch the Buzz!
Superfood, as seen on TV, is now available for consumption and low cost income generation! No private sponsorship to generate income! not a minimum!
Weekly Payment, 100% Matching Bonus, Incredible 2×7 Matrix Team
Visit right away to find out more.

Since I wrote the ad material on the spot when I first started working for this new company, it is true that it is not my best work. Don’t get me wrong, though; this type of advertising can and does succeed. The problem is that these outcomes pale in comparison to the enormous gains you may achieve by integrating magnetic marketing into your business plan.

The primary issue with this and numerous other advertisements is that they all really appeal to potential customers to “click here” while making no genuine inducements to do so.

With an audience mostly interested in small businesses and the internet, my advertisement ran and is currently still running to around 6 million ezine members for about $50. I have been receiving a trickle of findings.

How about turning it into a campaign for magnetic marketing?

Use the same $50 to target your audience with microtargeting. I was able to uncover health-related ezines because my company makes a good living from retail sales. Then you can either buy solos or classified advertising. You will generate a large number of leads and sales even with a modest subscriber base of two or three thousand. Your new magnetic marketing’s ad copy will now read more along the lines of:

Free radicals speed up ageing and cause cancer, did you know that?
Learn everything you MUST know about the severe harm they do and the most important antioxidants need to combat them.
This free e-course will teach you little-known health, anti-aging, and disease prevention techniques: [email protected]

You can subscribe if you’d want; the email address and the series are real.

This ad is now compelling because, rather than trying to “make the sale” or even just get your potential customer to visit your website right away, they are motivated to get in touch with you. In doing so, they take the initiative for you.

They desire to learn useful information about a subject they are interested in. They are added to your autoresponder, and you direct them to your website at the end of each insightful post you send them as part of the series. They will be more likely to visit your website and do business with you because they now view you as a valuable information source.

Any sort of business or specialised industry can benefit from magnetic marketing. Test it out. Create a useful series with some pertinent content that your potential customers can subscribe to. Your company offers someone’s problem a solution. In-depth information on the issue and the solution should be provided in a series of educational articles, studies, or ebooks.

Create an advertisement that speaks to that issue and encourages the prospect to get the crucial information you will provide for free, which is the answer to their issue. Apply this to your marketing campaigns by providing your potential customers with something of value. Your magnetic marketing will greatly increase the number of advertising responses, leads, and purchases.

Bio of the author
Writer and proprietor of a small business, Carina MacInnes. She provides her business partners with a personalised magnetic marketing model to follow. Her special product contains the most potent Brazilian natural nutrients and antioxidants for anti-aging and regenerated health. For information on how to sell and use this product to earn money

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